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My painting initiates through flow: pouring of pigment with binder and fluid gestures of my body. It's not always about an end result but of a journey where I seek a place of peace.  Working from memory to make something I have never seen before, I trust I will recognize when I get there.


I think about color, movement, and space during initial process. That sense of discovery of the space being created is important. My use of lighter colors and smoother textures to show quiet peaceful moments offer a respite from the traumatic moments of life that is represented by darker and more complicated textures.


My current body of work is about being in a dark place yet having a light, it operates as a healing space for the viewer. As, I create I find myself in a state of meditation and my work reflects the transitions of my moods, healing my pain. The work is complete when I have a better understanding of myself, the emotional moment I am processing and the painting is luminous.


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